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   An Immersive experience combining Massage Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Regenerative Energetic Healing.


   Jack Tone LMT has been a practicing massage therapist since 2006. Jack utilizes a variety of techniques including Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, Traeger, Muscle Energy Technique, Cranial Sacral, and Subtle Energetic Work, similar to Reiki. What makes the work unique is his ability to oscillate between the structural (musculoskeletal) system and more subtle (fluid body, energy body) aspects of the whole person. Balanced attention to both the physical and energetic provides for a truly restorative experience.

   Jack has helped clients with a wide range of underlying health issues and symptoms including back/neck/shoulder pain, sciatica, tmj, frozen shoulder, migraines/headaches, limited range of motion, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation and overall fatigue. He has even helped provide relief to clients with chronic health conditions such as cancer, lupus and other autoimmune diseases. 

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2359 Fair Park Ave,

Los Angeles, Ca. 90041


begin your healing journey


Standard Session 60 Minutes



Four Sessions



               Fully Immersive

     Energetic Healing Session 

             75 Minutes     $225

 (In these sessions we'll dive deeper into the realm of energy healing, integrating cranial sacral and structural techniques as needed but with a focus on the more subtle energy work that is unique to my family lineage)       

All Sessions Take Place at Jack's In-home Studio 

contact the studio to schedule a session

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